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Xu Family: Buyers

Looking for a house in a state thousands of miles away is a stressful endeavor, and COVID made the process even harder: we had to do everything remotely. Combined with the insane market in the Bay Area, we thought we had very little hope of buying a home that we would genuinely love. Thankfully, a friend introduced us to Anjali, who truly ended up being a godsend. From our very first conversation with Anjali, she struck us as an extraordinarily knowledgeable, patient and genuine person. She took the time to meticulously figure out what we were looking for and worked tirelessly to find homes that were to our exact liking. Anjali’s deep understanding of our preference, experience on when to make an offer and how to negotiate, and the many virtual tours she tirelessly gave to us, have helped us tremendously and made the difference. Most importantly, she is someone that always has our best interests at heart. We knew that she was someone that we could trust wholeheartedly. With Anjali’s help and expertise, we found our dream home all without even visiting the house the whole process! After the purchase, Anjali continued helping us to coordinate all the repairs and fumigation. She waited hours at the house for PG and E to turn on the gas after fumigation so that we can have hot water once we arrive a couple of days later. It is hard to describe how thankful we are for Anjali. We have interacted with multiple agents before and I can tell you that she is absolutely the best. She treats every client as if she is to purchase the home for her own. We cannot recommend Anjali enough!

Sam and Aiza: Buyers

Anjali is the best thing that has happened to us in the home buying process. Our story. When my wife and I were initially looking to buy our first home we were first working with another agent we met during one of our open house tours. This agent was your stereotypical Realtor® that every first-time owner fears was dismissive, unprofessional and pressured us at every open house to buy. It was very clear this agent was only looking out for himself. After a few tours with this agent, we decided to take a break from the home buying process for a few months. We were eventually introduced to Anjali through a referral and it was a Night and Day difference between our initial home buying experience. She catered to our inexperience and answered every little question with candor and made sure we fully understood before moving forward. She took the time to check out multiple tours and spent many evenings after our open house runs to go through each house in detail. As we went through this process, we knew she was really absorbing our feedback on houses because the homes that she suggested were getting warmer to the perfect fit. She eventually found us the perfect home and was with us every step of the way during the home buying process. Anytime we needed a referral for the home purchase (mortgage broker, locksmith, home insurance) she could immediately offer up someone that was just as wonderful to work with. Even after the sale, she continues to check in to make sure everything is ok. Most importantly, not once during our home buying process did we feel pressured that she was just trying to make a sale. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, well known, and genuinely cares for her clients. Anyone looking to buy a home or even on the fence of working with an agent needs to get in touch with Anjali. Just after one interaction, it will be evident that she stands out from your typical agent like a fine swiss crafted Rolex in a sea of mass-produced knock-offs.

Dorothy: Buyer & Seller

We've been so fortunate to have met Anjali many years ago at an open house. We not only bought our first home through her, but sold that one and bought our second home through her too! And on top of that, we bought and sold at the same time. Anjali did an amazing job juggling those transactions, staying on top of the timelines and guiding us through every step. We were in a contingent contract to sell our first home, and would have lost out on our new home purchase if we didn't manage to sell. Anjali, through her extensive network and real estate savvy, was able to sell our first home off-market in only a week! Both times that we've been in the market to purchase, our first offer was accepted. I completely attribute that to Anjali, who has such a good feel for the real estate market and works so personally with her clients to find the perfect fit. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, patient, personable, and dedicated real estate agent, look no further!

Eva: Seller

I first met Anjali Jain when she lived down the street from me in my neighborhood. I knew that she was a very nice and honest person and decided to choose her to help my family sell my Mother's home when she had passed away. It was a very difficult process for the family because this was the family home that we had known for 52 years. Anjali made the process very smooth and she was extremely thoughtful and helpful with everything, including getting estate salespeople to sell everything and clean out the house, contractors to make repairs to the house, and staging it. She was also extremely knowledgeable about the current housing market in our area and helped us decide on a good asking price for the house. Anjali had the difficult task of working with my whole family (five siblings), not just me, and she handled it perfectly. She knew how sensitive we all were about selling our Mother's home. She even had an artist paint a picture of my Mother's house and framed it for me. I appreciated that so much. I can now see my Mother's house every day hanging on my wall. I would highly recommend Anjali to everyone. She is hardworking and kind-hearted, and a wonderful person and friend.

Ann: Seller

I have nothing but great things to say about Anjali. She is very professional but also extremely kind. She knows what's best but never made us feel inadequate while we were learning the ins and outs of selling. She was never wrong. She's a great planner and since we were moving from the Bay Area to Hawai'i it wasn't your typical sale. The moving was a bit more complicated but she was always there for us and was always a few steps ahead. In the end, there were no surprises. She's very well informed on all aspects of moving. Anjali works hard but always maintains a positive attitude and a smile. She was never off putting and in the end we became friends. I've heard so many stories to the contrary that we feel very lucky to have had her as our agent. Our condo sold in a week and was staged beautifully! Thank you Anjali.

Sapna: Buyer

We are first time home buyers in the Bay Area which by itself could be super stressful. But no, not with Anjali! The most important aspect for a first time buyer is education and a strong support system - from the moment we were introduced to Anjali, our entire home buying process was incredible. She connected us to the right lender who understands the worries/questions of a first time buyer, home warranty company, home insurance company and even recommended a handy man. She met us in person multiple times to really understand our needs and to build that connection. Without a doubt we knew she was on our team and always doing the best for us. She was literally available 24/7 and answered every single question we had. She is very engaged and prioritizes the client's experience and is always looking at the detail to create an edge. She was the only Realtor® who presented the offer in person, which gave us an advantage (personal connection with the seller's agent) in the middle of a 10-offer situation. She continuously stayed in touch with the seller's agent and obtained valuable information which helped us get into our dream home. We are so thankful and lucky to get into our first home within 2 months of beginning the process and this is 100% because of the education, engagement and commitment from Anjali. You are so lucky if you have the privilege of having her in your team!

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