Anjali’s Journey

Making Hawaiian Dreams Come True for Her and Her Clients

Anjali Jain Ellis

Anjali Jain Ellis

Real Estate Specialist

Anjali's Journey

Do you love where you live?

Have you dreamed of moving to a tropical destination like Hawaii and living your BEST LIFE but dismissed it as just an unrealistic dream? You are not alone. Let Anjali help you make that DREAM a REALITY.
Anjali took a leap of faith in 2021 and followed her own DREAM of living in Hawaii. Many lessons were learned along the way. If you want to follow your dream to Hawaii, let Anjali share her insights and learnings through her own journey to make yours possible.
Anjali grew up in India and moved to America over 30 years with $100 in her pocket, aspiring to follow her dream of building a successful career in the fashion industry. In her roles of buying and product development for major retailers like JC Penney and Chicos, Anjali developed a finely-tuned, people-centric skill set. She evolved into a fierce contract negotiator, a savvy communicator, and an experienced team-builder who saw every transaction through from start to finish. 
When Anjali and her husband moved to California in 2012, she decided to transfer her master negotiation and people skills to real estate. Anjali developed a keen sense for the real estate industry and helped many clients successfully find their space and define their lifestyle. Anjali strongly believes that a real estate transaction goes far beyond buying or selling a home; it involves dreams and lifestyle aspirations. With her people-centric mindset, Anjali focuses 100% of her energy on understanding her client's dreams and aspirations and coaches them through every detail to make those DREAMS a REALITY. 
In a short span of nine years as a Realtor® in California, Anjali sold over $100 million in real estate. She was ranked in the top 5% of agents and named as one of the Real Trends Top Real Estate Agents in the country. Many of her clients became good friends and repeat clients and referred their family and friends to her. Anjali considers these referrals one of the highest compliments and credits her people-centric approach to real estate.
While Anjali and her husband were building their careers and living a great life in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, they shared a common aspiration to possibly retire in Hawaii. Their dreams and aspirations led them to invest in a vacation rental property in Hawaii in 2018. From California, Anjali successfully established and managed a profitable Hawaiian vacation rental property. The couple planned to eventually retire to the Islands, using the investment property as a means to build equity and savings. 
The 2020 pandemic was a huge turning point for Anjali and her husband. It made them want to live their BEST LIFE NOW. Like many others, Anjali’s husband’s Silicon Valley job gave him the flexibility to work from anywhere and their dream of retiring in Hawaii later transitioned to living in Hawaii NOW. Seeking a healthier lifestyle with fresh ocean air and a slower pace of life, they moved their primary residence from California to Hawaii in 2021. 
Anjali is now a licensed Realtor® in Hawaii and California and is passionate about helping others to follow their dreams and live their Best Life. Through the process of buying two homes in Hawaii and establishing a successful vacation rental business, Anjali has developed a strong knowledge base about the Hawaii Real Estate market. She has also built a professional network of loan specialists, title officers, property managers, contractors, landscapers, and others to help give her clients every advantage as they embark on realizing their Hawaiian Dream.
Positive outcomes require the best combination of human touch and technology. Through her association with Compass, Anjali brings her clients all the benefits of state-of-the-art technology, concierge services, and best tools in the industry, combined with her client-centric approach and white-glove service. She starts with an in-depth understanding of her client's dreams and needs to focus their search, followed by personalized in-person or virtual tours and advocating for her clients while negotiating in a competitive market. Anjali will be your eyes and ears in Hawaii, no matter where you’re buying from. 
If living, working, or investing in Hawaii is on your mind, let Anjali lead you HOME!!


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