Dream Of Your Life in Hawaii

How Anjali and her husband made their dreams come true.

Most people who visit Hawaii walk away dreaming about one day living on the islands....the aloha spirit, the relaxed lifestyle, the unique culture, and the everlasting sunshine are all-encompassing. 

The towering mountains covered in lush green flora contrasting with rugged cliffs, the cascading waterfalls and pristine white sand beaches with sparkling turquoise waters, the active volcanoes and the breathtaking views seem to coexist effortlessly like no place else in the world.

For most people, the dream ends on that flight home. They hear the buzz about the cost of living and the cost of housing and rule it out without exploring any further.


Our journey to Hawaii started exactly there. A visit to Hawaii to experience the diversity of the landscape and the rich culture left us spellbound. We left with the same dream as many others; we would love to live in Hawaii someday. At that time, my husband and I were living in the San Francisco Bay Area leading very busy lives. Sean was an engineer in Silicon Valley and I was building my Real Estate business.

We were also dreaming of owning a second home / investment property that we could use to escape the hectic life in California while generating income and building equity. After exploring many areas like the California wine country and the ski slopes in Tahoe, our journey landed us in Hawaii. It was less expensive to buy a home on the Big Island of Hawaii than in downtown Sonoma, and it was more much more cost-effective to own a property in Kona than in Tahoe. We bought our vacation home in Hawaii in 2018 and built it into a successful vacation rental with over 100 “5-star” reviews in less than 4 years on VRBO and Airbnb.


Every time we came to Hawaii, we fell more in love with the people, the culture and the landscapes. We met many people who had made the move to Hawaii and never regretted it. We learned more every day about LIVING, WORKING, and INVESTING in Hawaii and ultimately decided to move our primary residence from California to Hawaii in 2021.

We now LIVE, WORK and INVEST in Hawaii and I am ready to share the lessons learned with you to help your DREAM of moving to Hawaii a possibility.

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